It's about life, love, liberation and the essence of all things. Author, Artist and Adventurer, I'm dedicated to nurturing feminine wisdom and sovereignty in our world. My work lives on the crossroads of veils, words, politics and art, calling forth the nature of being and living our authentic, sensual and sovereign self. 

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My books are born from inquires, experiences and long, intimate conversations with life. I ask a lot of questions and write to uncover the meaning, magic and mystery of human experience and unfolding. I write for hearts and minds who dare to see and be. Seeing Red is my first book. Unveiled is underway.

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Photography has taught me to see the light–literally and metaphorically–and help others see it in themselves. The visceral, intuitive process of discovery is as important as the final images. Somewhere between vision and imagination, light and shadow, our veneers and filters dissolve and the beauty, essence, and dignity (of you) unveils itself to me.  

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