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My name is Lone Mørch, I'm an award-winning author, photographer, speaker and creative soul. I conjure, capture and empower the human experience in story, images, film and co-creative experiences and rite of passages. 

The Red Caravan is a perfect metaphor for my way – a sense of journey and discovery, a story waiting to unfold, and always with a touch of freedom. 

Red is: love, lust, fire, fury, danger, blood, lineage, sacrifice and the sacred marriage of feminine and masculine. Red is an activated soul, a passionate pursuit of aliveness, an unfolding of all the facets of who we are (becoming). Red is honest. Red beckons expression. Red makes us blush. Red is liberation. 

Mine was never a mainstream, dogmatic, formulaic or straight path. Rather, I follow soul nudges, creative impulses and desires, even if they make no sense. I'm the type who'll talk to strangers, go places that scare, intrigue and stir me, and I'm always available for the marvelous, because there's more to life than the mind and eye can see.

My journey has taken me to diverse terrains of inner and outer worlds, weaving a rich tapestry of people, places and projects. Among other things, I've learned the art of seeing, the ability to shift between lens views, language and mindset, and to be comfortable with "not knowing".

It has given me a profound sense of personal freedom and understanding of the influence of culture on (female) identity and the intricacies of how we change (or not) on both a personal, organizational and societal level. I tend to build bridges between the inner and outer, personal and universal, self and others, ideal and real, all our fine concepts and the true challenges of walking our talk and translate our insights to new behavior and levels of presence. To me, there's no separation, but a dynamic dance between the parts. Life's intelligence keeps me in awe and on my toes. 

This is the spirit you'll find in my books, photography, talks and creative endeavors. It is also the qualities I bring to the creative collaborations and journeys we take together – I enjoy inspiring others to create vital stories and visions to step into, and possibly be transformed by. 

"When the soul wants an experience, she throws an image out front so that you can step into it."  Meister Eckhart

The Official Bio... 

Lone Mørch is an award-winning author, photographer. speaker and creative facilitator. Born in Denmark, she's traveled the world, living and working in Europe, Asia and America, and brings 25 years of experience in project execution from idea to final product within the areas of sustainable community development, education and empowerment, arts and media production, photography and book publishing, 

The founder of Lolo's Boudoir, she's used the catalytic power of photography to help initiate hundreds of women into new visions of themselves. Her forthcoming book Unveiled chronicles their intimate encounters in images and stories. 

Her photography has been featured in InStyle, People's Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Photographers Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, The Examiner Modern Love, East Bay Express, 7x7 Magazine, Model Society Magazine and in Danish magazines such as Femina, Nova, Kiwi, B.T and Q. She's exhibited at select venues in San Francisco and Switzerland and the preferred personal photographer to renown artists such as Robin and Susan Williams, Mort Sahl, Mike Dirnt, Shana Morrison, Suzanne Smith, and others. 

Her essays have been published in many online publications as well as in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Huffington Post, Magical Blend Magazine, Nepal Expat Magazine, Nyt Aspect, Nova, Samvirke and anthologies such as To Nepal With Love (2013) and Nothing But the Truth, So Help Me God (2012). 

In the award-winning memoir Seeing Red, Lone shares her soul-baring quest for truth, power and the sacred. Climbing both inner and outer mountains, it takes you to the holy Mt. Kailas in Tibet, through marriage in San Francisco, and into the arms of the fierce goddess Kali in Kathmandu. 

In her prior life, she holds a Masters Degree from Aalborg University in Political Science and Change, has worked as development associate with Care Nepal, team manager for the Kaospilot University and media producer at Ideagarden productions in San Francisco.

She splits her time between USA and Europe. She available for writing and photography assignments, speaking, teaching, personal mentoring and project consulting and assistance. 

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust


Wanderlust, freedom and revolutions, a personal touch. 

Summer 1967, I arrived in Denmark with a freedom fighting feminist in my belly, keenly attuned to social injustices, the suffocating Jante Law and the bickering between the sexes. My early years, I loved reading, drawing, dancing and confessing my innermost feelings to my diaries, to my mother's concern, entirely comfortable in my own company. That was until I discovered the world, and boys.  

Perhaps I was born a traveler, perhaps I needed to break free from the confines of small-town Denmark, or maybe it was my French-speaking grandfather and his rotating globe – but as I grew, so did my curiosity and lust for the world. Barely 16, I got a job in London, later I hitchhiked Scotland, fell into the sensual arms of France and backpacked my way through Asia in flip flops. My journey has me to the ghetto of Cameroon, up close with the massive Teahupoo wave of Tahiti, and into the nightly Kali trance rituals in Kuala lumpur. Underway, a few places captured my heart. 

Soul Food, Holy Mountains, Shiva Shakti and Elvis... 

Spring 1990 I arrived in Nepal at the height of the People's Revolution, fell in love, and kept returning to study and climb mountains. Upon receiving my Masters in politics and change, I became development associate with Care in Nepal and worked there for 3 years. All the while, the sacred I didn't know I needed was seeping into my pores.

At 30, I climbed a 6200 meter peak, and on the long walk down, I keep asking myself: Why do you keep doing scary things? What are you trying to prove? I realized my masculine can-do ways no longer satisfied, let alone, nurtured me. I began to seek a more feminine way.  

In 1999 I led a pilgrimage to the sacred Mt. Kailas in Tibet. This mountain you cannot climb, only circumambulate, and it was said, such efforts would release a lifetime of karmic baggage. Possibly, we created more karma on our trip, but the sacred geography of the area, and the tantric visions of Shiva and Shakti (Parvati, Kali, etc.) on the mountain top left a deep imprint in me.

A quest for a more harmonious dance between the feminine and masculine began, and the timing couldn't be better: I'd just gotten hitched by Elvis in Las Vegas and entered holy Matrimony on American ground. 

In 2012 I published my intimate memoir Seeing Red: A Woman's Quest for Truth, Power and the Sacred about our ill-fated pilgrimage and my subsequent journey towards personal liberation. 

America, the great seducer...

If Nepal is soul food, California is the great seducer. In 1998 a job with the Kaospilot University brought me to San Francisco – there I found love and mental freedom. For the past 16 years, I've pursued my version of the American Dream: exploring spirituality, ecology, entrepreneurship and the healing arts. More specifically, I've been learning the craft of visual, written and digital storytelling in film production, photography, writing and personal growth. 

A fascination with the light in visual storytelling led me to black and white photography, and into the arms of nearly 1000 women. In 2004 I founded Lolo's Boudoir - a photo studio and magical room for our own. Apparently, I wasn't the only woman in need a private space to connect with her body, sensuality and self-expression. Over the past decade, I've photographed hundreds of women and witnessed their metamorphosis as they unveil and find themselves before my camera. In turn, the women have taught me how to see with heart, and helped me return to wholeness. 

My book Unveiled chronicles our intimate encounters in images and stories, sharing what we've uncovered and discovered along the way. 

On becoming a force of nature...

To me, the inner and outer journey, spiritual and creative, dream and reality goes hand in hand. While my American affair gave me eyes, voice and a whole new creative vocabulary, it also taught me about love and loss and what personal sovereignty is. A miscarriage, divorce and an aborted dream pulled the rug under me, and a deep journey of unraveling ensued. 

Add to that, an increasing collection of esoteric experiences that raised more questions than offered answers. I studied sacred circles leadership with Jalaja Bonheim and was initiated into the soul-stirring 13 phases of the moon / goddess archetypes by the Ariel Spilsbury. As I inquired and had my mind and many concepts blown, I began to awaken to the body's intelligence and the intricate connection between creativity, sexuality and divine inspiration. I was clearly on the female version of the hero's journey back to wholeness, and saw it was vastly different than the classic (male) hero's journey. 

To distill my experience into wisdom, I created an online program (The Red Shoe Journey), for women and have offered variations on the themes in workshops. Today I give talks about life as journey, contemporary rite of passages, and in particular the feminine journey to inner liberation, creativity and aliveness. 

Untethering and the long walk home...

Meanwhile I was enjoying single life and the spiritual soup of the Bay Area. I danced myself into trance, passed out on my own awakening, and fumbled my way towards a new 'feminine' paradigm. 

But something wasn't right. I felt inclined to untether, completely. And so I did. I let go of everything. My high concepts. My Lolo front. My books. My periwinkled 2CV.

Nakedness has taken on a whole new meaning for me. I'm learning what is left when all outer accoutrements, attachments and identities are gone.

Currently, I'm back in Denmark to rediscover my roots and integrate all my parts. The cultural clash is prominent, both Denmark and I have changed. A perfect metaphor of the clash: Danish has no word for otherworldly. At best, it's translated to ungrounded, out of touch. To me otherworldly embraces the mystery, the marvelous, the imagination, the rich soil of soul, art, love, poetry, beauty, story, in short, what's worth living for. Will I find magic here? Or Am I bound to bring it here? 

Grounding into the soil I come from is, however, providing a perfect place to bridge my worlds between the divine and the human flesh and mess, the magical and the manifest, the feminine and the masculine, the self and society, etc. 

Apparently, there's nowhere to escape to: This is the time and place we've got to explore the geographies of body and soul, feel the eroticism of being alive, and face the fear of the unknown. This is where we get to ground our ideals and divine inspirations into the earth, and, create the more awake, just and marvelous world. 

It's enough for one life... more than enough.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust

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* the maker of the red caravan photo is unknown, but I love it so.