A Modern Rite of Passage

Your Journey Starts here... 

I offer photography, writing workshops and personal mentoring to help you tap into your imagination, find your story, and express your unique self - in life, love, art and creation. 

We start with curiosity, a sense of adventure, and freedom to play. I like to think of these creative journeys as holy work, because it requires courage and willingness to open up to divine inspiration and what may arise in the unknown. 

A rite of passage offers a chance to enter the threshold and reflect upon what went before, what is becoming. 

Many experience my photo sessions and workshops as a ritual in which they get to celebrate, transform, heal or otherwise witness and pay tribute to milestones and changes in life.

Make this your rite of passages: step into fresh visibility, tell our story and imbue the thresholds, transitions and milestones of your life with reverence and meaning. Mark your moments with deliberate tribute. 

Creative Adventuring

In my experience, engaging our hands, hearts, minds and souls in a creative process is the fast track to connection, revelation and growth. It help us get out of our rational busy-brains and tap into our imagination and creative unconscious (divine inspiration). It is in our imaginations possibility dwell, here we get to meet facets in, and beyond, ourselves.

Opening the door to this invisible, intangible, symbolic and imaginative world takes courage. Your pulse might quicken, you might blush, and unlock new vitality and energy.

Story, Myths, Metaphors, Heroes, Holy Grails ...

We work with the art and power of storytelling – spoken, written and visual. 

Story has power. We tell stories, make myths and use metaphors, because they help us unlock deeper meaning, shift perspective, find solutions and envision the future. Stories also heal, transform and shape us. They unravel and unfold us. But stories are not static. They are living, like we are. 

Whether we write, photograph, journey or dance, I use the power of image, story and play to break the mold and help you re-imagine and re-write your personal and collective narratives.

Why don't you slip into something a little more silky + true? 

Are you ready to... 

  • Unleash your inner adventurer and the power of story in you? 
  • Get naked with your narratives and ignite a more luscious, expansive story?
  • Create a fresh vision and visibility for yourself? 
  • Give yourself permission to change and want a new experience? 
  • Get the fuel and freedom for the next creative leg of your journey?
  • To free the untamed force of nature that you are... ?

Curious? Look around. Have questions? Be in touch

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