Want to thrive as a leader, lover and artist? 

lone dancing

What does love, leadership and art have in common? What do you know about your own ability to thrive? How intimate are you with your desire and deepest longings? Do you know how to kindle your creative fire? How willingly do you let yourself change? What strategies do you have for overcoming stuck places and limitations? How do you engage your personal mythology? Where do you root? Where do you fly? 

Think of me as the catalyzing eye, your witness, your ally and gentle guide. We taylor your mentoring based upon your project and needs. We can work with a 3-month plan, a defined project or you can purchase a 6-session package. 


We Start here... 

Whether we focus on a creative project, starting a new business, pursuing a dream or  or creating new alignment in your life at large, the process is the same: we work with your desire, fears, intuition, creative unconscious and self-authority and tap into the riches of your imagination and personal mythologies. 

Along the way, I will support you in developing leadership and the ability to navigate the creative unknown with gusto and curiosity. I will teach you how to trust your divine inspiration, mine the impulses and uncover the inherent 'intelligence' in your self and your creative process, and how the material wants to 'organically' take shape.  

Furthermore, I can support you in developing your concept or story, unleash your creative fire, overcome creative obstacles, give feedback on projects, help navigate the a - z of your project, advice on book making and publishing, and get perspective on your creative business and life. 

As a creative entrepreneur and visionary, I have worked on projects for the past 25 years, primarily, but not limited to, writing, books, educational programs, video and photography. Building and running my own creative business has given me extensive experience in the ins and outs of the creative process, story structure, web design, mixed media installation, crowd-funding, the publishing game, self-publishing, project strategy, execution and marketing. I have the finger on the cultural pulse and a diverse, dynamic global network to drawn upon, as I support your creative growth and project. 

Creativity, business, relationship, leadership, body, mind, spirit, heart and art – it is all linked, and so, when we tackle one aspect we may very well touch upon other facets, an cause a ripple effect of movement and momentum in your life. 

To create something meaningful and authentic from our soul is not always easy. I know this so very well. Latent shame, guilt, fear of judgment, low self-esteem and your inner control freak are all waiting to rare their ugly heads. Depending upon the 'emotional charge' of your themes and project, you may meet a few demons on the way. We greet them, brave and honest and head on. 

Because this I know: we cannot walk this road alone. I offer you my support, expertise and handholding in re-imagining your self, your life, your project. I'm here to untangle and unlock what's no longer working for you, and conjure, catalyze and capture what's authentic, emerging and significant for your next step and creation.    

Are you ready to rebirth you creative self, honor your longings and ideas and get the support that will allow you to succeed? 

Please share about yourself, your project, what stirs in you, and what kind of support you'd love and need. We'll take an informal talk and taylor your mentorship accordingly. 


In-depth Skype Sessions: 60 min. US$150

10-Session Package: 10 x 45 min sessions, US$1000 (you save $250)

Walk n’ Talk n’ Tea: 3 hours, US$300

"I was introduced to Lone Mørch through her collaboration with Sharon Lyon in Burgundy France in 2013.  At the time, I was aware of her work in assisting women connect with their awakened essence – inner and outer – through her photography.  She was an instrumental facilitator in the integration and re-awakening of my life-long partner, Colleen. In the development of our friendship, I learned that while Lone’s public accolades in the use of the camera as a mirror to the soul are well known, she is exceptionally capable of allowing her presence to hold the gentle space in which the true exposure of essential beauty and challenges can be examined.  While I have yet to be seen through Lone’s camera lens, I have been richly blessed by her re-imagining of my being – a state far more naked than merely being devoid of clothes.  Lone’s stark black and white images bely her true genius – the elucidation of the subtle tones of life’s grays! – Dr. David Martin, Executive Chairman and Founder of M•CAM, Inc., and Breathing Enterprise. He expresses his in the award-winning film Future Dreaming.

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.” ― Martha Graham