Women Unveiled -


This book and project is about female autonomy and reclaiming ownership of our bodies. It grew out of Lolo's Boudoir and a more than a decade of photographing women, helping them heal their shames and doubts, reclaim their bodies and freely express their full human splendor. 

Unveiling evokes reverence for the feminine form and mystery and promotes A beauty that is natural and human - not ideal and immortal.

Once, the female body was a global icon, artists revered for its beauty, allure, and incredible ability to give life. Today, it has become an object, which can be manipulated, fixed, abused, sold and stolen. Across the world the female body is being legislated about and it has become a battlefield of many kinds – religious, economic, gender, sexual, media, commerce, fashion, cosmetics, even against itself. In no small way, this battlefield has moved inside women’s minds and bodies.

The Unveiled project calls women into deep relationship with their own authenticity, sexuality and power, restoring reverence for the female body and being and offering a tribute, a contemporary rites of passage for all women. 

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Seeing Men - 

After a decade of zooming in on women's inner lives and relationship to body, image, sexuality, autonomy and self-expression, I'm finally ready to turn the lens on men. Because I'm curious about men. Who is the modern man? What is the inner fabric of men? How do they relate to their body, image, sensuality and self? Such are some of the questions, I've asked women, and would now like to ask men. 

Now let us see if men will 'get naked' with me, literally and metaphorically, to contemplate their own nudity? Drop the stereotypes to show up for the self exploration? Do they even need to See and Be Seen? 

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