My love affair with Nepal and the Himalayas began in 1990, when I arrive in Kathmandu during the people's revolution for democracy. I felt an immediate sense of kinship with and have since lived and worked in Nepal, and let the mountains, its people and sacred ways seep into my blood stream. This series is from the Dashain festival in Kathmandu. While finishing my memoir Seeing Red, I went to Nepal to visit with Kali, the great goddess of creation and destruction to whom the Dashain festival is dedicated, and complete the pilgrimage the book is about. These images capture the atmosphere of the Kali pujas performed throughout the week at the Kali Temples in and around Kathmandu. Step into the purifying fire. 

Find out about my raw, honest memoir about my pilgrimage into the sacred mountains, marriage and the arms of the ferocious deity, Kali here: Seeing Red