Seeing Red: A Women’s Quest for Truth, Power and the Sacred

Seeing Red is an honest memoir of a women's quest for truth, power and the sacred. Climbing both inner and outer mountains, it takes you to the holy Mount Kailas in Tibet, through a seven-year marriage in San Francisco, and into the arms of the fierce goddess Kali in Kathmandu, where Lone discovers her authentic sovereign self.

As much a memoir about coming into one’s own as it is a love affair with the Himalayas, Seeing Red is an unforgettable journey of creation and destruction that travels through all shades of red – love, passion, power, rage, danger, fire and the sacred.

A dispassionate tale about a woman who knowingly gives up on herself, and have to fight tooth and nail to reclaim herself, and lose everything she's held dear to see the truth, it appeals to both women and men. (She Writes Press 2012)  

Winner of Tanenbaum Literary Award, Bronze at Readers' Favorites and Honorable Mention at San Francisco Book Festival 2013. 

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The pilgrimage to Tibet’s Mt. Kailas is supremely difficult, bringing the traveler face-to-face with hidden strengths and inner demons. It’s always a journey of discovery. Thoughtful and compelling, Seeing Red maps the unexpected places we seek and find personal power.
— Jeff Greenwald, author of Mister Raja’s Neighborhood, Shopping for Buddhas, and Snake Lake
From a sacred mountain in Tibet to the Nepali cave of a blood-soaked goddess, Lone Morch takes readers on a journey through layers of illusion, getting finally to the heart of the matter, the threshold of the goddess, the font of true love, and the source of real personal power. Love, loss, failure, renewal—Seeing Red has it all.
— Linda Watanabe McFerrin, Author of The Hand of Buddha and Dead Love (Stone Bridge Press, 2010)
Seeing Red overflows with insights into the feminine journey: how we wake up to our own power through risking heartbreak, and how it is only by becoming aware of our deepest selves that we can transcend. Seeing Red blends the spiritual and the physical in a heady mix that is both charming and bracing!
— Jane Ganahl, co-founder of the Litquake festival, author of Naked on the Page