Winner of Tanenbaum Literary Award, Bronze at Readers' Favorites and Honorable Mention at San Francisco Book Festival 2013. 

Winner of Tanenbaum Literary Award, Bronze at Readers' Favorites and Honorable Mention at San Francisco Book Festival 2013. 

Seeing Red: A Woman's Quest for Truth, Power and the Sacred (She Writes Press Nov. 2012) is an honest memoir of a women's quest for freedom. Climbing both inner and outer mountains, it takes you to the holy Mount Kailas in Tibet, through a seven-year marriage in San Francisco, and into the arms of the fierce goddess Kali in Kathmandu.

A memoir about coming into one’s own, a love affair with the Himalayas and an unforgettable journey through all shades of red – love, passion, power, rage, danger, fire and the sacred.

A dispassionate tale about a woman who knowingly gives up on herself, and have to fight tooth and nail to reclaim herself, and lose everything she's held dear to see the truth, it appeals to both women and men. 

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The pilgrimage to Tibet’s Mt. Kailas is supremely difficult, bringing the traveler face-to-face with hidden strengths and inner demons. It’s always a journey of discovery. Thoughtful and compelling, Seeing Red maps the unexpected places we seek and find personal power.
— Jeff Greenwald, author of Mister Raja’s Neighborhood, Shopping for Buddhas, Snake Lake
From a sacred mountain in Tibet to the Nepali cave of a blood-soaked goddess, Lone Morch takes readers on a journey through layers of illusion, getting finally to the heart of the matter, the threshold of the goddess, the font of true love, and the source of real personal power. Love, loss, failure, renewal —
Seeing Red has it all.
— Linda Watanabe McFerrin, Author of The Hand of Buddha, Dead Love, etc.
Seeing Red overflows with insights into the feminine journey: how we wake up to our own power through risking heartbreak, and how it is only by becoming aware of our deepest selves that we can transcend. Seeing Red blends the spiritual and the physical in a heady mix that is both charming and bracing!
— Jane Ganahl, co-founder of the Litquake festival, author of Naked on the Page
We all have our mountains to climb in life, and in Seeing Red, Lone climbs her mountain several times over, in her search for personal power and freedom. Seeing Red is a vivid and honest account of Lone’s encounter with both inner and outer demons, as she courageously chops away at her pride, insecurities and anger in her longing to behold the sacred in herself and her world. From an ill-fated pilgrimage to the holy Mount Kailas in Tibet to marriage in California and back to Kathmandu, Lone shows us how grace only begins to seeps in when we dare tell ourselves the truth, let go of control and open our hearts to our inner guidance. Truly intimate with the world, Lone is a compelling heroine and she takes us on an unforgettable journey into both dark and light places of our human heart, mind and soul, helping us discover how truly powerful we are.

— ~ Kristine Carlson, Author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Women and Heartbroken Open.
A social comedy with some of the wit and brio of Mary McCarthy or Alison Lurie, [Lone’s book] explores what happens when East meets West in a spectacular clash. A young European woman wrangles a party of Western egos into one of the high Asian holy places, and grace seeps in if only ‘accidentally.’ At times humorous, at times enlightening, at times poetic, this narrative takes readers on an unforgettably journey.
— Judges of the Mary Tannenbaum Literary Award for Non-Fiction 2002, Kevin Killian, Reginal Lockett and Linda Watanabe McFerrin.
Seeing Red is a wonderful, revealing, and exciting true story. Lone’s adventurous tale touches the archetypal and reflects our common pilgrimage through the passage of our lives: our hopes, relationships, aspirations, doubts, fears, mistakes, and insights. Her intensely open, honest, and intimate story illuminates her global quest like a brilliant light shining through the prism of her personal experiences. An exploration of sensitive, universal themes, this book awakened me to possibilities, revealed the value of sharing one’s private search, and evoked fresh insights and expanded perceptions of life. She bridges the spiritual and earthy, the sacred and the sensual, from Europe to America, Nepal, and the wild hinterlands of Tibet and Mt. Kailas. Lone has a courageous and remarkable talent for self-expression, and her book is full of heart. She writes from her soul, bares all, and I love it.
— Grant Benson
Seeing Red is neatly divided into two halves, rather like the human heart. The first deals with the author leading a group of unlikely pilgrims on a spiritual mission to make severals circuits around Tibet’s sacred mountain, Kailas. Part Two concerns the endless circles people make around each other in search of love and meaning. It is one of the most affecting memoirs I’ve ever read, and I plan on returning to it regularly. Morch’s writing is powerful, raw, heart-wrenching, exhilarating, honest, unsparing, generous, unsentimental and radiantly beautiful. She deftly explores the gift of creativity (but at what cost?) and the stripping away necessary to achieve communion with the Divine. Morch’s book ends on a note of hope, and it is a hope that is genuinely earned. Wherever life takes this courageous writer next, I want to be there. Highly recommended.”
— Burt Kempner

Seeing Red is a provocative and insightful look into the journeys we face in life in ‘the search for Self’ and the courage it takes to navigate our depths to tap into our true potential for greatness. Morch writes beautifully and with exquisite honesty and a lot of heart. A compelling read.”
— Jaguar Kukulcan