Consulting on your creative project, process and clarity. 

Do you have a book, you want to write, a photographic project you'd like to do? Are you creatively stuck? Do you need fuel to your fire? Is your life's work knocking on your door, and you want to run away? Do you long to express yourself with more depth, sensitivity and honesty? Are you searching for the red thread in your work and ideas?

I can help you. 

Intense deep-dives is my special competence and it's a joy for me to offer my deep presence and experiences this way. You get all of me, and more. Whether you are at the beginning of a project or struggling with the completion, I'm will step in, as your liaison, tow holder and support. 

As author, photographer, speaker and owner of own creative business for many years, I know the ins and outs and ups and downs of the creative process. I come with both the "nuts and bolts" practical project experience and the deep insights into the inner (emotional and spiritual) process of creation. We'll work with your intuition, creativity and authentic expression, as well as your process, perhaps unraveling your creative knots, discovering of the red thread of your project, and digging deep to connect with the essence of your unique voice and vision. See my CV for more on my background and experiences.

I work with clients who are devoted to their deepest work and have space for a few in-depth clients a year. Depending on your project or situation, we can work in 3-hour walk, talk & tea sessions, intense Weekend Deep Dives or 3-months programs (incl. weekly email exchanges and 7 skype sessions).

For in-person work, this a beautiful reason to plan a retreat with me, either in Europe or the U.S. Otherwise email and skype works just fine. 

What I can help you with? Let us find out if we're a good match? 

Email for a free consultation:

Once I learn about your needs, dreams and goals, I'll customized your chosen session or program accordingly. 

3-hour Walk, Talk & Tea  $300 / 2000 DKK ex sales tax

Weekend Deep-Dive $1500 / 8.500 DKK ex. sales tax. (ex. food, lodging, transport etc)

3-Months Intensive Support $1800 / 12.000 DKK ex. sales tax

(6 x 60 min skype sessions, 6 hrs of material review, weekly email check-ins / support ) 


"...while Lone’s public accolades in the use of the camera as a mirror to the soul are well known, she is exceptionally capable of allowing her presence to hold the gentle space in which the true exposure of essential beauty and challenges can be examined. While I have yet to be seen through Lone’s camera lens, I have been richly blessed by her re-imagining of my being – a state far more naked than merely being devoid of clothes. Lone’s stark black and white images bely her true genius – the elucidation of the subtle tones of life’s grays! – Dr. David Martin, Founder of M•CAM, Inc., Breathing Enterprise + the award-winning film Future Dreaming.

"With her words and eyes, Lone creates worlds we all want to live in and calls upon our inner adventurer to embrace life in all its wondrous nuances and paradoxes. She dares us to become the heros and heroines of our own lives. To free ourselves from the stories and molds that holds us hostage and unable to live, love, create and express ourselves, freely, authentically. Through art, truth and love, she has the ability to see and translate the hope of a more beautiful world – for you, for all of us – to something tangible, visible, worthy." –Kristine Skjoldborg Stammer