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The Intimate Gaze  

The past fourteen years I've photographed nearly a thousand women of all ages, stages and types. I speak about my motivations and how this body of work has influenced me as an artist and woman. I speak about the intimate photographic process with the women, its therapeutic impact, and how it has allowed us to confront our shames to examine at our self-representation with more honesty and curiosity. This work has given me a backstage view of our image-driven culture, and the way it makes women see and feel about themselves. I go 'behind-the-scenes' with anecdotes from the studio and reflections on the light and shadows in the female psyche, mind and body, and the motives and images that emerge when we explore the many facets of our identities and eroticisms - on our own terms. In this talk I offer a different perspective on women, photography, the naked body and the art of seeing. Your gaze has power to liberate. By becoming aware of the way you see yourself and others, you can widen your lens view and have a new experience. 

In my talk, I draw from my books, work and life experiences in different cultures and careers, I talk about the art of seeing, the way of embodiment and how to find more inner and outer freedom from the consensus culture that's squeeze our bodies and psyches into too tight corsets. My talks are intimate, inspiring, liberation, rich in story, wanderlust and anecdotes from the creative life. I promise to get up close and under your skin. 

I happily tailor my talk to your group, book club, book store, organization, panel and conference as is fitted.

Host a Private Salon

Inspired to host a private salon for your friends, group or organization? The experience will be intimate and interactive. I'll give a brief introduction, after which questions are welcome, we share and discuss and explore themes of relevance together. We tailor the event to your group, ideas and desires. A salon is 2.5 hours. Get in touch and let us create a magical and meaningful event for you. 

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How much can you say in 5 Minutes and 20 slides?

A recent Ignite talk at Doxx 1 Aarhus I spoke about photography, nakedness and authenticity in the age of virtuality and disconnection. (In Danish).

Reviews and Recommendations

The Bindery, San Francisco, May 25, 2018:

Lone's message to the world is conveyed not only through her astounding photographs but through her potent and fluid speech. She has a natural ease and authenticity that is riveting, and catapults us into a level of disengagement with old worn out paradigms and into an embrace with  a new , liberated and more expansive vison. _ Justine Prestwich

Why There Are Words, 333 Caledonia, Sausalito, May 10, 2018:

Thanks for your beautiful reading at WTAW. I could tell how rapt and intrigued the audience was - as was I. Peg Alford Pursell, founder of Why There Are Words

Folkevirke himmerland, Farsø Hotel, February 18, 2015:

Best talks of the year that made a difference was with Cand. Scient. Adm. Lone Mørch. She spoke about the inner and outer journey to freedom through Europe, Asia and America. We learned about a life that has given her a deep sense of personal freedom and understanding of culture’s influence on female identity. She held our attention for two hours, and we were taken by her gentle ways of talking about life in Tibet, cultural difference between countries, and her Danish identity she couldn’t escape. Though her life has been built on blood, sweat and tears, she stands as a joyous, radiant person who believes in and is at peace with herself. Lone gave us an experience and insights into her fine and strong opinions about the many facets of life. The talk directs itself to two generations, men and women. It was an afternoon where life attains new meaning; I wasn’t the same after it. –Karen Pihlkjær, Director of Folkevirke Vesthimmerland, Denmark

Tantalizing Travel Tales, Mill Valley Public Library, USA November 3, 2015

Lone oozes the divine feminine. She had the entire audience enraptured, young and old, male and female, each lapping up her delicious tale of wanderlust and longing. ~ Jayme Moye, adventure journalist, named the “Travel Writer of 2014” by North American Travel Journalists Association

Lone Mørch speaks about finding women's inner self and soul before the camera in a passionate and touching way and how women in all ages and stages can reclaim their body, power and sensuality.  ~ Tanja Fievé Eskesen, Women's Week, Horsens ByTorv, May 6, 2016 

Women's Week, BytorvHorsens

Lone visited us for our Women’s Week in Horsens. Her open and honest talk about her experience of photographing women from around the world was deeply fascinating. It was thrilling to hear about the women’s, their stories, and then see it expressed in beautiful, authentic photos. The journey Lone begins with each women proved rewarding and transcendent, for both Lone, the women and us who were invited along to listen and see.  To dare take the leap and be seen, by Lone, by oneself, was a real eye-opener. A lovely, life affirming and beautiful Talk and presentation. –Birgit Fogh Kofoed, bytorvHORSENS.

Soul house, Copenhagen, April 29, 2016

Lone Mørch inspires and invites us to see the beauty, the nuanced and the not-yet-seen with her talk “Woman, See Your Self!” She’s an authentic, intimate and lively speaker. With photos and words she places women and women’s self-images in a new motivating light.  ~ KvindeCirklen by Amanda Lagoni and Mie Molkte, Soulhouse, Copenhagen. 

Lone is not just a photographer, she’s an artist with a big mission: she wants to liberate people from the artificial layers we hide behind. She made an extraordinary body of work with her wonderful, profound and sensual book, Embody. And she is a woman worth following: she will undoubtedly continue to surprise us, show us, remind us and love us with her camera, her words, her energy and wisdom. I had the privilege to work with her, and I’m only beginning to understand the impact a creative playdate with her has. My warmest recommendations. ~ Kirsten Stendevad author, speaker and 21st century leadership mentor.