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Crossing Threshold Retreat ~ Catalyst Experience
With Lone’s perceptive, playful, gentle and tough guidance, we moved mountains in Colorado. Nine of us, sisters on the verge of creating new things in our lives, were gathered there, and Lone’s intuition led us to places together that we would not have achieved on our own. Truly a catalyst experience. I have re-entered my world with a clear sense of direction, tackling things I’ve been moaning about for some time (way too long) with ease and even a sense of fun not felt before. I am loving it, and know it’s due to having the support of and accountability to each of our journeys that we established together, some of us not having met before this weekend, under Lone’s perceptive, playful, and both gentle and tough guidance. Our group plans to continue, to reconvene in the future to keep this beautiful energy we’ve established flowing. It all comes down to yes, together, we women can move mountains. ~ Nancy Fox, Golden, CO

The Sacred Journey Workshop ~ I got myself back : This workshop changed me. I got myself back. All of myself, especially the parts that were living (and wasting energy) to please others and ensure other’s “like me.” I learnt how I’d been led towards unconsciousness decision making and wrong people in my life. Wrong people = don’t care for or value me. Co-inciding perfectly with other events, this workshop helped me cross a major threshold and retrieve my own power and keep it in tact. I learned to choose what’s authentically right for me and how important it is to be discerning about what and who you let into your sacred life. Lone’s wisdom and the mirror of the wonderful group of women let me know I’m not alone and that creativity is one certain way out and way back in, to your self. I got deeply back in touch with the only person I’ll ever really get to know truly on this journey, me.  ~ Ally Stinchfield

The Sacred Journey Program – artful and seductive
It isn’t just another self development program; it’s art; a beautiful and seductive guide for one of the most sacred journeys of self-discovery you will ever embark on. ~ Rosalyn, USA

Crossing the Threshold Retreat ~ Deeply Nourished.
Having never done a women’s retreat, I went with open heart and no expectations, but answering a call from deep within. What I found was a joyful, safe, at times very intense, loving, tearful circle of women mirroring much of my best self back to me. Our stories may vary but the core of it all is not that much different from each other. We are more alike than not. Lone lead with grace and laughter and yet kept us on task and moved us through mountains in a short amount of time. She’s not a woman pushing new age buzz words and doesn’t like to use words like “balanced” (everything is always changing), “persona” (sounds like we are trying on), “duality” (prefers “totality” because there’s more than two sides to everything). She reminded us through gentle leadership that we already possess exactly what we need to be healthy glorious beings. She gave us ways and permission to stay in relationship with our deep selves. The brave self that said yes to coming to the retreat. And we danced! And ate. Held rituals. Held space. We laughed – a lot. And cried – a lot. At retreat’s end, we released it all in the river outside our back door. I felt deeply nourished, having spent those three days drinking from my deepest well and being re-united with my favorite self. I was reminded by Lone that I already AM my highest self, when I let her out to play. Thank you, Lone, deeply!