Kindle Your Creative Fire


On occasion, I offer workshops and salons about the power of story, the art of seeing, creating inner and outer freedom, eros, authenticity, creativity.

Photography, writing, dancing, walking, wandering - in sacred communion with the muses, and each other. 

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She’s not pushing new age buzz words, but reminded us through gentle leadership that we already possess exactly what we need to be healthy glorious beings. She gave us ways and permission to stay in relationship with our deep selves. I felt deeply nourished and was reminded that I already AM my highest self, when I let her out to play. – Karlene Grange

With Lone’s perceptive, playful, gentle and tough guidance, we moved mountains in Colorado. Truly a catalyst experience. I have re-entered my world with a clear sense of direction, tackling problems with ease, even a sense of fun not felt before. ~ Nancy Fox

This workshop changed me. I got deeply back in touch with the only person I’ll ever truly get to know on this journey, me.  ~ Ally Stinchfield