It Starts with a Desire, an Impulse, a Step...


This is where the art, stories, sensuality, curiosity and wanderlust of yours truly align. At heart, I'm an explorer of inner and outer worlds, dedicated to creating more freedom, awareness and aliveness in our world. The journey goes something like this: explore, embody, express and evolve (or die a bit).

I exist on the crossroads of creativity, culture, consciousness and change, and take pleasure in inspiring others to create vital stories and visions to step into, and possibly be transformed by.

I live to tell the tale. And help you live yours. Are you ready to unleash the power of story and vision in you? Are you lusting for a creative metamorphosis of your own?  Your journey starts here...

Let my photos, books and blogs inspire you. For your Creative Rite of Passage, check out Photo Sessions, Personal Mentoring, Workshops, Speaking and more. 


"I dwell in Possibility." – Emilie Dickinson



Current Project - the Unveiled Book.