Embody: Intimate Photographic Encounters with Women. 

"To be an expression of and give tangible, bodily or visual form to an idea, quality  or feeling; to incorporate and become an example of."
"What a fantastic book you've made. I'm blown away by both the photos and the prose." - Diane Bach, DR Bøger

In the photo book Embody, author and photographer Lone Morch examines the light and the shadows in women's bodies, minds and psyches. With a loving gaze, artistic nerve and poetry, the book reveals how women today work hard to connect to their own bodies, on their own terms. The book presents fourteen years of confidential photographic encounters with women and offers a rare peek into women's private space as they undress before the camera to explore the many facets of their beauty, sensuality and eroticism. 

Embody is a coffee table book, weighs 1 kg and has 180 pages, 110 fine art photos never printed before, and texts in Danish and English. 

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I fotobogen Embody udforsker fotograf og forfatter Lone Mørch lyset og skyggerne i kvinders kroppe og i deres sind og psyke. Bogen afslører kærligt og med kunstnerisk nerve og poesi, hvordan kvinder i vor tid må kæmpe for at opdage og få adgang til deres egne kroppe på egne præmisser. Bogen præsenterer 14 års fortroligt fotografisk arbejde med kvinder og giver et sjældent blik ind i kvinders private rum, mens de klæder sig af foran kameraet for udforske skønheden, sensualitetens og erotikkens forskellige udtryk. 

Embody er en coffee table bog på 1 kg, har 180 sider, 110 kunstfotos der ikke har været printet før, samt tekster på dansk og engelsk.

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USA Pre-order Special: Pre-order the book now and no later than April 1st. A shipment of books will be sent to San Francisco, from where I will send you your book by May 1st. $110

Danmark: Bogen kan købes i min webshop og snart i udvalgte boghandlere og forretninger. Du kan bestille via Mobilepay på lone@lonemorch.com. Skriv din post adresse og navn jeg evt. skal signeres til. Send 500 kr. til 5031 7105. 

Worldwide: Available worldwide. Email for shipping estimates outside of Europe and USA. 

Soon, the book is available at select stores in Denmark, San Francisco, NYC, Paris etc. 


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What a wonderful project. Strong photos that show the female body in ways we rarely see that leave us with a lot of emotions. When the shamefulness of the normal is completely gone, the body is so beautiful and lovely, and it can begin to sense and be sensed in return. Wow. –Camilla Stockmann, journalist Politiken
Lone is not just a photographer, she’s an artist with a big mission: she wants to liberate people from the artificial layers we hide behind. She made an extraordinary body of work with her wonderful, profound and sensual book, Embody. And she is a woman worth following: she will undoubtedly continue to surprise us, show us, remind us and love us with her camera, her words, her energy and wisdom. I had the privilege to work with her, and I’m only beginning to understand the impact a creative playdate with her has. My warmest recommendations. ~ Kirsten Stendevad author, speaker and 21st century leadership mentor.
Embody is a groundbreaking book in which Lone Mørch invites us into each photo session, to see through her eyes, which hold a European sensibility and a keen quest for a woman's truth. Lone encourages a natural state of ease in the woman, so that the desire to be perfect loosens its grip. But she goes deeper, to gently slip underneath layers of cultural and personal coverings and invites the women experience the lifting of crushing expectations, move beyond anxieties and discover liberation. This book challenges us to extend our own lives beyond the awkward split-second of perfection, to question our own myths, see ourselves in a different light, and—though this is a rare occurrence while reading a book—to be transformed ourselves. – Erin Byrne, travel writer, script writer and author
Embody pulls back the curtain on women who are contemplating their own nudity, their own skin, their own beauty, on their own terms, in their own light, in their own shadow. It’s about women's own freedom but also the extraordinary vision of the photographer who grants them the freedom to be viewed as they see fit. Veil by veil, woman by woman, image by image, page by page, Embody reveals a healing vision for a wounded world.                                  - Phil Cousineau, author, teacher and film maker.

For men, precisely because it's for, by and with women. 

For a heterosexual man there's something nourishing, inspiring and titillating about look at women. Dressed women, naked women, women partially hidden in the shadows or behind veils, women with no faces, ankles, hands, eyes... the feminine is captivating. All this you get in Morch's book. Clearly, this is a book of, for and with women. It wants to reclaim the female body and sensuality; reclaim ownership; show women as they see themselves; give us a glimpse into the female universe, selv-images, secret and stories; inching closer to their dreams and longings from the inside. The challenge is - can you meet these ambitions with another book of semi-clad women? I think the book succeeds. Visually, it's sensual, poetic and stylish, while Morch's prose lets us circle around important themes and questions: Who is predator, who's prey? What does a c-scar mean? How beautiful is the imperfect? Can beauty be wild and unpredictable? What's the connection between the naked, sensual body and creativity, curiosity and power? How subtle can the sensual be, how unabashed? Where runs the boundaries between self, body and society? What is a woman's sensuality, if expressed on own terms, rather than directed to please another (man)? How does an earthy and natural sensuality look? Is precisely its female orientation that makes it a relevant book for men, who want to learn about women. Helping us - even more - to look at women, not only with the eyes of desire, but also with a loving gaze. A lot tells me it's highly necessary - #metoo. 
- Bo Heimann - author, communications coach, and more. 

Thank you for insisting on inner sensuality.

Dear Lone, yesterday I received your book as a gift from my boyfriend, who's proving himself better at knowing my needs than I initially thought. Because, your book is very, very beautiful. I love your focus on sensuality and that you insist, that intimacy if for every woman. Thank you for that. I also love the way you work with contrasts throughout - for instance between the raw and the soft, the search for connection in some women's eyes and the inner focus in others, desire and innocence, black and white, the unpolished surroundings and the beautiful bodies. 

In my own research on body ideals and self-perception amongst Danish women (and their men) I've found quite a lot of visual material on the bodily changes a woman goes through when she becomes a mother. What particularly touches me about your book is the playful, sensual but also confrontational role you get to play in the women's lives, it is so liberation. A transformation they could never mentally achieve, but only experience. The paradox is that the photographic staging so often criticized for creating bad body experiences and self-images, in this case do the exact opposite. Also, it's just a lush book - titillating, beautiful, sensual, tactile - so lovely to touch the green fabric cover. Warm regards, Christine Pinds

Women talk about being photographed. 

A mini-doc going behind-the-scenes on Lone Morch's photographic process and her new book, Embody

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Photographer, Storyteller, Speaker, Adventuress. 

Lone Morch lives on the crossroads of art, body, identity, culture and change, where she examines, calls forth, captures and communicates the human experience – especially the female journey – in writing, photography, speaking and creative explorations. Join her here... 

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