It Starts with a Desire, an Impulse, a Step...


This is where the art, stories, sensuality, visions & wanderlust of yours truly align. At heart, I'm an explorer of inner and outer worlds, dedicated to creating more freedom, awareness and aliveness in our world.

Love, life, art & evolution are all journeys of heart, mind, body and soul. It goes something like this: exploreembrace, express and evolve (or die a bit).

Existing on the crossroads of creativity, consciousness and change, I take pleasure in catalyzing, conjuring and capturing the essential beauty of human existence in its light and shadow and many shades of red through words, visuals, creative rite of passages and mentorship. 

In short, I live to tell the tale. And help you live yours. Are you ready to unleash the power of story and vision in you? Your journey starts here...

"I dwell in Possibility." – Emilie Dickinson




Thee's an art to seeing and being seen. Photo adventures for women, men, maternity, family, brand, portrait, editorial, and travel. More >>


Intimate, inspiring talks on the explored life, modern rite of passage, body and beauty, leadership, and finding inner freedom amidst change. More >>


How to thrive as a leader, lover and artist? I offer my catalyzing, creative 'eye' to help you unveil your story, kindle your creative fire and More >>

The Boudoir

A magical room of our own – a creative space for women's self-exploration and -expression. Step out of your comfort zone, be inspired. More>>

Current Project 

The Unveiled Series and book grew out of the intimate photographic encounters with hundreds of women over a decade. Learn more about the project >>