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Hi, I'm Lone.

I’m an author, photographer and speaker, who’s been capturing and empowering others with my stories, images and creative adventures for decades. My work is about identity, freedom and what it means to live a self-directed life. I’m interested what’s beneath the surface – the untamed, uncensored, unseen, and what feels vital, alive. I share my work and creative life here, hoping to inspire yours and encourage you to find your own voice, visions and ways. I'm glad you're here! I look forward to crossing path with you along the trails.


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Current project: Unveiled 

A project & book based upon Lone's intimate photographic encounters with hundreds of women over more than a decade. After having courted interested agents and publishers, and waited months, years, for their decisions, I will no longer wait. I'm going to take publishing matters into my own hands. Expect to launch my fundraising campaigns soon. Stay tuned. More about the project >> 

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