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In photographing our family, Lone has captured the intangible moments of our lives. Through her lens we have been able to reflect on these moments, not just as we remember them, but as they truly were. So alive, they are surreal.   –Mike Dirnt, Green Day

What a wonderful photo project. Strong photos that shows the female body in ways we rarely see, and leaves us with a lot of emotions.  When the shame about the normal is completely gone, the body exposed is so beautiful and lovely, and it can begin to sense and be sensed in return. Wow. –Camilla Stockmann, journalist Politiken

I'm interested in seeing more of your beautiful and inspired photographic art. I have seen the works of so, so many famous and critically acclaimed photo artists, and yet you have a talent surpassing most.  And one can never experience enough poses, postures, angles, lights, shadows, textures, genders. al. of the human body, in all forms... mesomorph, ectomorph, endomorph, and all gradations between. You are a talented artist and I am lucky to have found your contact. ~Frank Ralbovsky

As a photographer and creative collaborator Lone is a complete joy to work with…she has the incredible gift of disappearing behind the camera so her subject has the freedom to fully "appear". I recommend her highly for her artistic talent, technical skills and her commitment to capturing and celebrating the feminine mystique. -Asyaha Mathews

A session with you is so special because you help us reconnect with ourselves. Those of us who are lost, are found, those broken, healed, those fearful, find courage, and those of us who feel we are unworthy, learn to love ourselves again. I will never be the same, thank you for that. –Angel Miller

I was called to do a shoot with Lone and felt it would be an important part of my inner journey. What she offered felt like something special and out of the ordinary, an experience that would create an opening, allow a new perspective.  Working (playing) with her – someone very embracing who sees the beauty I have difficulty seeing in myself – I felt at immediately at ease. Being naked in the forest soon felt natural (apart from the cold, ha!), and it became a space to experiment with being in my body in a new way, with a new attitude and possibilities. It helped me uncover enchanted facets of myself that I've lost or hidden. Many weeks later, I’m still digesting… the multi-layered experience continues to unfold in subtle (and not so subtle) ways.  I now see more beauty in myself, have gotten in touch with the places within that wants to be embodied and expressed, and feel my true self more clearly. A photo shoot with Lone is not something you do just to get a beautiful end-product, it is part of your soul journey and where that takes you. –Heather Skye

I was working overseas and was away from my husband for a few months and a naked rendezvous - in France - in front of the camera with a complete stranger sounded exciting, refreshing, and just what I needed to feed my adventurous and independent side which seemed a little sublimated in my marriage. Lone and I ended up driving off to the French countryside in our rented car and stayed at an exquisite bed and breakfast which nurtured my senses and spoiled me rotten—a storybook experience that I’ll never forget. The giddiness of sneaking off to a foreign country I hadn’t spent time in without my husband and pushing myself to a new level of mischievousness, while celebrating my body, my femininity and my love for fun—these were the true joys of the experience. The beautiful pictures my husband now have, as gorgeous as they are, pale in comparison to the lifelong memories and significance that I know this trip will have. ~ Ann L.

Ladies, you must do this! Lone lead me through the whole process – from location, to wardrobe, to makeup, creating a portfolio of photographs ranging from professional career shots to a beachy scene, and even some formal evening gown shots. All in a few hours! You can put yourself into Lone’s hands, and she will help you create a shoot that is truly you. She even discovered some personas that I had been hiding from myself! I now have a series of photographs that I can treasure forever, with Lone to thank! –Deb Castellano

Lone’s Contagious Relaxedness Makes it Easier to Self-Express: Lone was just as lovely and easy-going as I imagined after speaking to her on the phone. But I was surprised by her creativity, ability to catch unique details and her contagious relaxedness. All women ought to have the chance to be ‘capture and forever-rized’ by Lone; because it’s not just about make up, outfits and kilograms, but about ambiance and personal expression, which she has the ability to create with her experience, camera and style. It’s only two weeks since I gifted my husband the photo surprises for as wedding present, and I’m already dreaming of the next series of photos Lone will take of me. —Karina, Denmark

When Henriette booked her session with me in Paris, she made a brazen move and cancelled her therapy appointments. Together, we took on a more direct process to self-transformation in the endless, exquisite possibilities of a postage stamp of a room, tucked into a Parisian designer hotel. The porcelain bathtub in the room helped, as did Henriette’s willingness to let herself - her erotic self - be seen!  I’ll never forget her words: “I was inspired to meet you, Lone, but really I came to Paris to meet myself.” 

“Lone was sweet, kind, daring, and compassionate and saw beyond my insecurities. She gave me permission to play, experiment and above all, enjoy myself as a woman. I absolutely LOVE my photos! I have never felt more beautiful in my entire life. But more than that, I felt seen, truly seen as the woman I am today. My pictures are sexy, mysterious, candid, mischievous, and raw. Lone was able to pull out the playful side of me and the sexy woman that has been buried deep down for years. In my favorite picture, she captured me, my soul, the true me. My eyes say it all. Lone gave me myself back.”  ~ Michelle

"In Sept. I challenged myself by setting several big goals to get done by the end of last year. One of them was to drop 20 lbs of weight. It became a much bigger exploration of my sexuality and claiming every aspect of it. First, I'd set up an appointment with Lone to give myself a goal for my workouts, and as a way to see and own my body for what it looks like now. I found out so much more about myself throughout this photo adventure then I ever thought possible. My favorite picture shows all sides of my sexuality. I am playful, angelic, sensual, a bit naive, trusting; I am beautiful outside and in. On the other side, I am raw, powerful, sexual, naughty, bad, and dirty. Now I see that all of those aspects together are me, not just one of them or the socially 'good' ones...and they're all good. This photo shows me that I have truly grown into a woman, experiencing, accepting and loving all aspects of my sexuality and body - I am thrilled that Lone was able to capture that, all that, in a photo!" 

Honestly, I must say, after going home and having some time to myself, I spread the pictures out, looked for awhile, then looked again, rearranged them, studied them, and cried! Thank you, you've captured rare moments of me that come out in the mirrors of my own privacy! This is so beautiful to have, and I want to say that this will always be appreciated - your talent and work with such an amazing eye to capture peoples rarities!!?- BC

“My encounter with Lone was serendipitous, empowering, and, above all, about seizing this defining moment to reflect on and discover a deeper sense of my own beauty. In essence, forgoing the myth of perfection, as she deeply believes. ‘We’re never going to be really perfect, so let’s not wait to enjoy and celebrate and appreciate who we are,’ she says, ‘Let’s do it now.’” Heidi A., (for

I contacted Lone as soon as I saw her website. I told her that I was 52, and didn't know if she even photographed women my age, but she assured me that she did! There were less than 3 weeks until my wedding, and to accommodate me, Lone rearranged her own travel schedule - she even let me stay with her the night before, as I had to fly in to S.F. from Seattle. The next day, we romped in the misty woods, then played around in her wonderful studio. I felt free, beautiful and sexy!  The pictures, when they arrived displayed an amazing range of feelings, attitudes and landscapes - all of them me! Just selecting 25 from such a wide variety was a learning experience, which Lone guided me through, multiple times!!  I cannot recommend Lone highly enough, both as an incredibly gifted artist, and as a human being. J. Novak.

Unlocking My Creativity With Lone’s Gentle Expertise: Being photographed by Lone allowed me to express aspects of myself that were fun and exciting. I believe that other areas of my creative life have moved forward because of our work together. Her gentle expertise and dry sense of humor put me at ease, she is terrific and I highly recommend the experience. —L. Chapman

Re-discovering A Side of Me I Haven’t Let Out in a Long Time: I just wanted to let you know how much I love my pictures, and enjoyed my experience working with you. I was quite nervous, but you made me feel so at ease. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had never taken photographs like that before, but I had so much fun, that I can’t wait to do it again. This experience helped me to rediscover a side of me I hadn’t let out in a long time…how liberating! Thanks so much! —J. Lerit

Draws You Into the Moment, Puts You at Ease – Can’t Recommend her Highly Enough: Besides being an incredibly gifted photographer, Lone possesses a sensitivity and openness that draws you into the moment and puts you to immediate ease. Simultaneously fun, professional and mischievous, Lone is a pleasure to work with. I am so pleased with her work, and can’t recommend her highly enough! —K. Gehret

The reverence Lone holds for her subjects acts like a tuning fork to set her clients at ease. You can see it reflected in their eyes. With Lone, I was able to drop to a depth within my own being that Ihave never gone to before in front of a camera. The portraits were amazing.  – Susan Williams, Artist

Makes You Feel Beautiful and Alive ~ Amazing and Original Photography: I had the most amazing experience here with Lone! I have been wanting to do this for years and have thought, “ is not the right time..if only I could lose 5 more pounds or get rid of this or that”…well, one day, I finally called Lone of Lolo’s Boudoir up and was so surprised by how easy she was to talk to. I booked my appt immediately and just finished my session yesterday. She has such a gift with making you feel comfortable. I am a very modest person and felt COMPLETELY comfortable with her. For the first 45 minutes, we chatted and she supplied me with champagne and chocolate. By the time I was ready for my session, I was completely relaxed. She is very detail oriented and makes you feel beautiful and alive as a woman. I walked away from this experience feeling so enlightened and confident. I encourage every woman to do matter what age, size, shape you are, you will not regret it! Highly recommend her work as opposed to others…she does not rush you, her work is amazing and original, and she is a great person to talk to!” —K.B.

A Beautiful, Playful Process: Lone invokes the true feminine
After separating from my husband of 42 years, I went on a quest to discover who I am apart from all the roles I identified with and the sides of myself I buried in a long marriage. An exploration with Lone’s lens highlighting the playful, sensual, tigress, artistic, flirtatious, Priestess-Self has captured who I am becoming since experiencing so much liberation outside the relationship. This was a gift to myself to honor the autonomous, courageous, self possessing and radiant woman I am in my mid 60′s. Behind decades of shame, self doubt and hiding, the photo session was like a Goddess initiation and passage through a portal into confirmation and validation that I have been so much more than I allowed myself to be seen and expressed as, let alone be captured on film. This was a beautiful, playful process of spontaneity and mystery working with Lone’s gift for invoking the True Feminine within. —Michelle

Permanent Reminder: My Body is Glamorous and Beautiful
Lone brought life and personality to my photographs that I could not find with other photographers. I am a reserved person by nature and Lone brought out a sexy side of me through her photos that I didn’t even know I had. I came to her feeling self-conscious about my body but left her with a permanent reminder of how glamorous and beautiful my body can be. — C. Jasper

A Blast ~ Easy To Be Myself ~ She Shows Magical Moments We Often Miss: The photo shoot with Lone was a fun and exciting experience. She made sure I was relaxed and comfortable. She encouraged me to be myself and to explore the playful side that was hidden. It was a total BLAST! The pictures came out remarkably beautiful and artistic. They were almost unreal. Through her lens, Lone shows the magical moments around us that we often miss. Lone, thank you for making me realize how beautiful I am. You are awesome! — Wenia

Exhilarated ~ Her Eye is Subtle, Mysterious, Tells a Moving Story of You: Lone and I worked together for a series of playful pictures by the ocean to capture the contrast between body and nature. Lone recreated this amazingly well on black and white film, being very professional in her approach to photographing me in ways that would flatter me and capture me in artful and surprising moods and poses. She provided direction when it was needed and let the rest take care of itself in order for many spontaneous moments to occur. I couldn’t believe the results! Her photographer’s eye is subtle, mysterious and causes the photographs to tell a moving story. She has a deep understanding of lighting, timing, posing and art and was able to take advantage of our natural surroundings. As a result I was comfortable in my own skin and came away feeling exhilarated. Not only is Lone extremely talented, she knows her craft and is a joy to work with. Bravo! —G. Goltsev

Changed My Self-Image ~ I Now Have a Normal View of My Body: This whole experience has changed my self-perception. I have a more normal view of my body, and every time I’m dissatisfied with myself, I look at the pictures and remind myself, that I’m gorgeous. And all that, thanks to Lone. — Marie

Delightful Experience ~ Will Cherish Forever: Like many other people, I am not always comfortable having my picture taken. So you can only imagine how it could have felt on a cold Friday morning, 32 weeks pregnant with nothing but a sheer robe to cover my voluptuous figure. And yet it was a perfectly delightful experience. It was Lone’s attitude that made all the difference. She puts you at ease, is kind and caring but she also likes to joke and invites you to try something new. The pictures that I received later were fabulous and will be cherished forever, as I expect this to be my last pregnancy. — Saskia C.

Other-worldly, Timeless Style ~ She’s Truly Interested in You and It Gives Depth to Her Artistry: When I first came across Lone’s photography, I was floored. Her ability to bring the other-worldly, the sense of timelessness, to a scene, a face, a body…is uncanny. The feelings behind the photographs resonated with me so strongly that I was drawn to work with her. To my delight, I found that she is not only talented, but that she is a deeply empathic person who is interested in who her subjects are. And that gives a depth to her artistry that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. — C. Baik

Made Me Feel Empowered, Sensual, Sexy, and Safe: From the moment I saw Lone’s website I knew she was the one. Her warmth, carefree attitude and ability to draw out the subject complement her professionalism in a perfectly balanced way. She made me feel empowered, sensual, sexy, and excited, yet safe. And, I can’t say enough about the photos. They make me feel so beautiful. — W. Lam

Finding Strength, Seeing Beauty ~ Capturing Our Love Our Love on Film Was Amazing: The big prints on the bedroom walls inspire us daily. We named them – strength, compassion, connection, love, fire and enlightenment. A big part of this photo journey was my newfound comfort with my sexuality. I had just “come out” as a lesbian a few months prior and fell in love with Sharon. This photo experience was about us finding our own strength as individuals, and together as a couple. This was about being true to who you are and loving fully, honestly and openly. Our photo shoot with you was the most incredible experience. When we looked at the photos, we sobbed – as we shared memories. To see the expressions, touches, the connection will be our path to peace whenever we are faced with challenges. Thank you for making us feel so comfortable, for giving us this beautiful gift that continues to inspire us each day as we wake. Reminding us of all that is good, of the importance of love – to love and be loved in return. Thank you again for capturing our love. — Marina

Finding Beauty You Never Knew You Had ~ Safe to Be Whoever You Want to Be:  Lone is a part magician, part artist, and part yogi. She has this uncanny way of finding the beauty you never knew you had. She encourages you to let yourself feel vulnerable, playful, and precocious. Her calming energy helps you relax into the experience. In Lone’s studio you feel safe to be whomever you want. — A. Dates

We Had so Much Fun ~ In Awe of the Resulting Photographs Not only did my partner and I have a ton of fun during the shoot itself, but we were totally in awe of the photographs that resulted from it. Lone gave us a lot of freedom to pose how we wanted and made us feel very comfortable in an intimate setting. — D. Adair

Transformational Experience ~ Empowering, Cathartic
Lone is amazing! Just the experience of having my photos taken and different aspects of myself caught on film was transformational. It was a blast; empowering and cathartic; and Lone made me feel very relaxed. These are photos I will have my entire lifetime and I love them. Do it!      — C. Fogelquist

Priceless, Liberating Experience: Was a Nymph in Forest, Nude on a Hilltop, and Laughed my Heart Out.  Picture this: Lone arrives at my house, her van stuffed with photo gear, costumes, and a wonderful rococo chair. The air is rife with anticipation. Even my earlier panic call is forgotten. “My hair is terrible, I can’t do it looking like this.” Ever the emphatic professional, she calmed me down with a little laugh and explained that this kind of reaction was perfectly normal. Lone knows exactly what she is doing and has an uncanny ability to get the best out of the situation. Never afraid, but urging on in a playful way, Lone made both the experience and outcome fantastic. Before we were done, I had run around like a nymph in the forest, posed nude on a hilltop, and laughed my heart out. Even though the pictures were a gift for my husband’s 40th birthday, the act of having the pictures taken was a priceless, liberating and awesome experience for me. — S. Kaufmann

Loved Being in Your Universe ~ Love My Photos
Thank you for a fantastic experience. You were just as lovely as I had imagined… Relaxed, at ease, artistic, clever, not to forget mentioning, Woman with big W – You dare to be a woman, at once open, curious and resting in yourself, soft and very powerful and without judgement around gender & sex. I understand why you’ve gotten all the positive feedback from your clients. My day with you, well, at first I felt shy and vulnerable, but warmed up to the process and soon found myself loving being in the universe you created with your camera and your presence. You are fantastic. —Pernille, DK

Free, Beautiful, Sexy ~ Lone is Incredible Gifted, as Artist, as Human Being:  I was 52 to be married, when I found Lone. I didn’t know if she even photographed women my age, but she assured me that she did! There were less than 3 weeks until my wedding, and to accommodate me, Lone rearranged her own travel schedule, she even let me stay with her the night before, as I had to fly in to SF. The next day, we romped in the misty woods, then played about in her wonderful studio. I felt free, beautiful and sexy! The pictures, when they arrived displayed an amazing range of feelings, attitudes and landscapes – all of them me! Just selecting 15 from such a variety was a learning experience, which Lone guided me through, multiple times!! I cannot recommend Lone highly enough, as an incredibly gifted artist and a human being. — J. Novak

Feel Liberated ~ Made Me Remember to Play Again
Lone was wonderful and allowed me to see the beauty of my own body through her lens. I get so caught up in what’s not right about it, but after seeing the photographs, I feel liberated to celebrate my body as it is now. And I was so happy that Lone captured a whole other side of me, that playful side, and made me remember what is like to play again. My partner absolutely adored the pictures, said it was the best and most thoughtful gift he had ever received. — Racquel




The Red Shoes Journey Workshop ~ I got myself back : This workshop changed me. I got myself back. All of myself, especially the parts that were living (and wasting energy) to please others and ensure other’s “like me.” I learnt how I’d been led towards unconsciousness decision making and wrong people in my life. Wrong people = don’t care for or value me. Co-inciding perfectly with other events, this workshop helped me cross a major threshold and retrieve my own power and keep it in tact. I learned to choose what’s authentically right for me and how important it is to be discerning about what and who you let into your sacred life. Lone’s wisdom and the mirror of the wonderful group of women let me know I’m not alone and that creativity is one certain way out and way back in, to your self. I got deeply back in touch with the only person I’ll ever really get to know truly on this journey, me.  ~ Ally Stinchfield

The Red Shoe Journey Program – artful and seductive
It isn’t just another self development program; it’s art; a beautiful and seductive guide for one of the most sacred journeys of self-discovery you will ever embark on. ~ Rosalyn, USA

Crossing the Threshold Retreat ~ Deeply Nourished.
Having never done a women’s retreat, I went with open heart and no expectations, but answering a call from deep within. What I found was a joyful, safe, at times very intense, loving, tearful circle of women mirroring much of my best self back to me. Our stories may vary but the core of it all is not that much different from each other. We are more alike than not. Lone lead with grace and laughter and yet kept us on task and moved us through mountains in a short amount of time. She’s not a woman pushing new age buzz words and doesn’t like to use words like “balanced” (everything is always changing), “persona” (sounds like we are trying on), “duality” (prefers “totality” because there’s more than two sides to everything). She reminded us through gentle leadership that we already possess exactly what we need to be healthy glorious beings. She gave us ways and permission to stay in relationship with our deep selves. The brave self that said yes to coming to the retreat. And we danced! And ate. Held rituals. Held space. We laughed – a lot. And cried – a lot. At retreat’s end, we released it all in the river outside our back door. I felt deeply nourished, having spent those three days drinking from my deepest well and being re-united with my favorite self. I was reminded by Lone that I already AM my highest self, when I let her out to play. Thank you, Lone, deeply! – Karlene Grange. 

Crossing Threshold Retreat ~ Catalyst Experience
With Lone’s perceptive, playful, gentle and tough guidance, we moved mountains in Colorado. Nine of us, sisters on the verge of creating new things in our lives, were gathered there, and Lone’s intuition led us to places together that we would not have achieved on our own. Truly a catalyst experience. I have re-entered my world with a clear sense of direction, tackling things I’ve been moaning about for some time (way too long) with ease and even a sense of fun not felt before. I am loving it, and know it’s due to having the support of and accountability to each of our journeys that we established together, some of us not having met before this weekend, under Lone’s perceptive, playful, and both gentle and tough guidance. Our group plans to continue, to reconvene in the future to keep this beautiful energy we’ve established flowing. It all comes down to yes, together, we women can move mountains. ~ Nancy Fox, Golden, CO

I was introduced to Lone Mørch through her collaboration with Sharon Lyon in Burgundy France in 2013.  At the time, I was aware of her work in assisting women connect with their awakened essence – inner and outer – through her photography.  She was an instrumental facilitator in the integration and re-awakening of my life-long partner, Colleen. In the development of our friendship, I learned that while Lone’s public accolades in the use of the camera as a mirror to the soul are well known, she is exceptionally capable of allowing her presence to hold the gentle space in which the true exposure of essential beauty and challenges can be examined. While I have yet to be seen through Lone’s camera lens, I have been richly blessed by her re-imagining of my being – a state far more naked than merely being devoid of clothes. Lone’s stark black and white images bely her true genius – the elucidation of the subtle tones of life’s grays! –Dr. David Martin, Executive Chairman and Founder of M•CAM, Inc., Breathing Enterprise, in the award-winning film Future Dreaming


With her words and eyes, Lone creates worlds we all want to live in and calls upon our inner adventurer to embrace life in all its wondrous nuances and paradoxes. She dares us to become the heros and heroines of our own lives. To free ourselves from the stories and molds that holds us hostage and unable to live, love, create and express ourselves, freely, authentically. Through art, truth and love, she has the ability to see and translate the hope of a more beautiful world – for you, for all of us – to something tangible, visible, worthy. ~ Kristine Skjoldborg Stammer

With honestly, courage, and an artistic drive few of us behold, Lone Morch shares her eye into the inner world of women and sees their truth sometimes before they do! She talk about the creative process and the ins and outs of the path to publishing and launching a book. As the curator at's Writer's Circle in California, I would highly recommend inviting Ms. Morch to speak to your audience. - Thais Nye Derich  // Author of Second Chance // Speaker on Invisible Choice // Make an Impact Book Program

Lone's message to the world is conveyed not only through her astounding photographs but through her potent and fluid speech. She has a natural ease and authenticity that is riveting, and catapults us into a level of disengagement with old worn out paradigms and into an embrace with  a new , liberated and more expansive vison. - Justine Prestwich, The Bindery, San Francisco, 2018.

Lone Morch is a gifted speaker. She engages with her audience on multiple levels simultaneously: intellectually, philosophically, artistically, and practically while infusing abundant humor and humanity throughout. - Margot Duane, photographer, the Book Passage, Corte Madera, May 2018

Thanks for your beautiful reading from Embody at WTAW. I could tell how rapt and intrigued the audience was - as was I. - Peg Alford Pursell, founder, Why There Are Words, Sausalito, 2018. (Video

Best talk of the year that made a difference was with Cand. Scient. Adm. Lone Mørch. She spoke about the inner and outer journey to freedom through Europe, Asia and America. We learned about a life that has given her a deep sense of personal freedom and understanding of culture’s influence on female identity. She held our attention for two hours, and we were taken by her gentle ways of talking about life in Tibet, cultural difference between countries, and her Danish identity she couldn’t escape. Though her life has been built on blood, sweat and tears, she stands as a joyous, radiant person who believes in and is at peace with herself. Lone gave us an experience and insights into her fine and strong opinions about the many facets of life. The talk directs itself to two generations, men and women. It was an afternoon where life attains new meaning; I wasn’t the same after it. –Karen Pihlkjær, Director of Folkevirke Vesthimmerland, Farsø Hotel, Feb. 2015

Lone oozes the divine feminine. She had the entire audience enraptured, young and old, male and female, each lapping up her delicious tale of wanderlust and longing. - Jayme Moye, adventure journalist, named the “Travel Writer of 2014” by North American Travel Journalists Association. Tantalizing Travel Tales, Mill Valley Public Library, USA Nov. 2015

Lone Mørch speaks about finding women's inner self and soul before the camera in a passionate and touching way and how women in all ages and stages can reclaim their body, power and sensuality.  - Tanja Fievé Eskesen, Women's Week, Horsens ByTorv, May 2016

Lone visited us for our Women’s Week in Horsens. Her open and honest talk about her experience of photographing women from around the world was deeply fascinating. It was thrilling to hear about the women’s, their stories, and then see it expressed in beautiful, authentic photos. The journey Lone begins with each women proved rewarding and transcendent, for both Lone, the women and us who were invited along to listen and see.  To dare take the leap and be seen, by Lone, by oneself, was a real eye-opener. A lovely, life affirming and beautiful Talk and presentation. - Birgit Fogh Kofoed, Horsens May 2016

Lone Mørch inspires and invites us to see the beauty, the nuanced and the not-yet-seen with her talk “Woman, See Your Self!” She’s an authentic, intimate and lively speaker. With photos and words she places women and women’s self-images in a new motivating light. - KvindeCirklen by Amanda Lagoni and Mie Molkte, Soulhouse, Copenhagen, April 2016

Lone is not just a photographer, she’s an artist with a big mission: she wants to liberate people from the artificial layers we hide behind. She made an extraordinary body of work with her wonderful, profound and sensual book, Embody. And she is a woman worth following: she will undoubtedly continue to surprise us, show us, remind us and love us with her camera, her words, her energy and wisdom. I had the privilege to work with her, and I’m only beginning to understand the impact a creative playdate with her has. My warmest recommendations. - Kirsten Stendevad author, speaker and 21st century leadership mentor.