Lone Mørch is an award-winning author, photographer, speaker and producer, driven by a deep sense of freedom and social justice. An advocate for female sovereignty, she explores the crossroads between veils, words, art, politics, body and self. The founder of Lolo’s Boudoir, Lone has helped empower hundreds of women through her transformative photography, programs and retreats. 

Her award-winning book, Seeing Red: A Woman’s Quest for Truth, Power and the Sacred (She Writes Press, 2012), is a candid account of her own path to liberation. Embody is her second book (Feb. 2018). It chronicles her intimate photographic encounters with women of all ages and stages of life, and how the therapeutic power of the lens has healed, transformed and awakened both the seer and the seen. 

In her past life, she's worked to strengthen local community organizations for CARE in Nepal, been team manager at the KaosPilot University in San Francisco, led a pilgrimage to the holy Mount Kailas in Tibet, produced videos and curated mixed media installations with Ideagarden and been a consultant and project coordinator for the performance theater Secret Hotel in Denmark. 

Lone’s work has been featured in InStyle, People, Light Journal, Cosmopolitan, San Francisco Chronicle, The Huffington Post, Professional Photographer, The Examiner, 7x7, anthologies and Danish Magazines, Newspapers and blogs. She's exhibited in venues and galleries in San Francisco and Switzerland. She splits her time between the United States and Europe. 

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Embody is about women's own freedom but also the extraordinary vision of the photographer who grants them the freedom to be viewed as they see fit. Veil by veil, woman by woman, image by image, page by page, Lone Mørch’s images reveal a healing vision for a wounded world, a gallery of women who feel safe enough to be at home in their own skin, proving that we long to see and be seen. –Phil Cousineau, author and filmmaker
Lone is not just a photographer, she’s an artist with a big mission: she wants to liberate people from the artificial layers we hide behind. She made an extraordinary body of work with her wonderful, profound and sensual book, Embody. And she is a woman worth following: she will undoubtedly continue to surprise us, show us, remind us and love us with her camera, her words, her energy and wisdom. I had the privilege to work with her, and I’m only beginning to understand the impact a creative playdate with her has. My warmest recommendations. ~ Kirsten Stendevad author, speaker and 21st century leadership mentor.
The women in the media are not real. The women that go to Lone are as real as it gets. That’s why when you see her photos you want to know more – you want to know these women, and you want to join in and play too. Lone is an amazing woman. Actually amazing is a poor description as she encompasses and lives her life the way I have wanted to for so long but never knew and still don’t really even know how. But in the short time I spent with her I did learn that you need to love yourself, your body and your soul and trust it when it tries to take you somewhere you’re not quite sure you want to go. While this all began with my idea to be photographed with a corset, it sure did not have anything to do with that in the end. ~ Rebecca
Lone bares her soul on the page of Seeing Red, not in some self-indulgent way, but with self-deprecating humor, and the courage to dig up and expose her own patterns. The ones that keep her trapped, and fluttering around the flame of another's approval (particularly 'the man') and in doing so, in reaching for her own liberation, painful hand-hold by hand-hold, she helps free us all. She paints an enticing picture of that freedom, of what it is to live life as full blown sensual woman. A great memoir in the tradition of Eat Pray Love, but without the safety net of a paid year off to 'discover yourself'–instead its the messy real life situation of living your truth, year by year, with everything on the line. No 'Do-over's' possible, and not a pizza or Bali sunset in sight! Well done Lone! ~ Vanda Marlow

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