Prayer - A Montage on Kali Worship in Kathmandu

In 2009 I returned to Nepal to complete my sacred SEEING RED pilgrimage that started at the foot of Mt. Kailas in Tibet in 1999. I went to feel into one of the places on the planet I have felt most at home in my soul and to pay tribute to the great goddess Kali. I am no particular worshipper, but she entered my life as a fierce role model of sorts, and in no gentle way did she help me destroy "everything" in the name of true liberation. You can read more about my journey with Kali in my book, Seeing Red.

Today she's venerated in Kathmandu and all buddhist and hindu cultures as part of the annual Dashain festival. This is a montage in images and sounds I recorded from the Kali temple and shrines of Kathmandu. May it transport you there. Jai Kali Ma. Enjoy! 


Movie montage from Kali worship at her temples and shrines in Kathmandu during the Dashain festival September 2009. Images and original soundscape by Lone Mørch Music by David Battenfield