A dream come true

Pregnant Photo Play - Sensual, Playful, Dreamy...  I loved my day with this expecting couple.

While Rachel was trying to get pregnant she kept seeing herself on the beach in bikini, her belly blossoming and baby on the way. We came full circle with this shoot, capturing her dream come true.

What dream do you wish to capture and step into?

“Working with Lone behind the camera made me forget any inhibitions and just feel like a beautiful model.  I could be playful and joyful. Of course, the photos are incredible, and, for me, the experience of taking them is just as delightful.  The first time, I took photos before I got married and surprised my husband with them.  I still love looking at those ones.  And, this time, I took photos of my pregnancy belly and Lone helped me to frolic freely in front of the camera, even with the extra weight! With Lone, the experience and the result are magical." ~ Rachel

Here a few of the photos: