Book helps women reclaim their sexuality

Former Boudoir Photographer's Book Helps Women reclaim their Sexuality. 

A great Write Up in Marin Independent Journal by Vicki Larson 

By Vicki Larson, Marin Independent Journal

POSTED: 05/09/18, 12:00 PM PDT | UPDATED: 2 HRS AGO

Lone Morch gathered photos from her many years as a boudoir photographer in Sausalito for her new book, “Embody.” In the 14 years Lone Morch took boudoir photos of hundreds of women in her Sausalito studio and in her native Denmark, Morch discovered an unsettling but common thread — many weren’t just comfortable with their body, they genuinely didn’t like their body.

It didn’t make any sense to her.

Her purpose at Lolo’s Boudoir wasn’t just about taking sensual photos, she says. It was about making women feel at home inside their own skin, offering them a safe space for them to discover themselves.

“It took a lot of energy from me to work this intensely with women and really get into their inner lives and their needs and dreams and situations, and I remember thinking, this is really bizarre; how is it possible that women, relatively privileged women, not that they were affluent necessarily but they had the ability to choose to go be photographed, had some sort of advantage to pursue empowerment ... were having such a hard time accepting themselves, liking themselves, seeing themselves, wanting themselves,” she says.

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