How much can you unveil in 5 minutes

A few months ago I was in the final running for the TEDx Talks in Aarhus, Denmark. I brainstormed on big sheets of paper, and made a video to make a case for my speech about INTO THE WILD, and struggled to even imagine how I'd be able to say anything of meaning in 18 minutes. 

Then Hans called: "I'm sure you've got stories to tell. You've got five minutes to ignite us" he said. "I promise you'll do great and feel elated after." He's the igniting type whom you cannot refuse. 

Only problem. I have tales for a life time to share and usually give 1 or 2 hour talks – what could I possibly say in 18 minutes, let alone 5 minutes? But this charming man would not let down, and so I just the leap, spent a day gathering my thoughts and 20 photos for the slides and that was that.  

The IGNITE Event "Passionate stories in the Internet Age" was part of the exciting Internet Week Denmark event. Amongst other storytellers, I got to share about photography, nakedness and authenticity. I'm proud to say, I said it all, in just 5 minutes! Listen in. In Danish, my apologies ...

Arranged by WWW.CHECHE.DK