Shooting in the Dark

I’ve been shooting in the dark lately. Literally. Figuratively. Metaphorically. 

I want to experiment with new style. Play with light. A fascination with the light inspired me to pick up a camera 15 some years ago, and I’m still here, looking at the light, the way it directs my attention, makes me see, feel, respond. 

I want to try to give expression to images that’s been ebbing and flowing on my inner sea of consciousness for a long while. Images that don’t have to be pretty, pleasing to others. Dreamy. Weird. Good weird. Maybe they carry meaning, a story, a new direction. Maybe they are just muses, like the woman in the photo, and they call me to the sheer joy of creating, experimenting, trying. Something. Just because. 

Remember when you did things "just because?" I remember those early days of shooting. Being a beginner, innocent to the trade and techniques, but drawn to analog, to the textural black and whites, in a fast world turning to digits or hot colors. My personal aesthetics not yet developed, defined. Unencumbered by earlier successes, expectations and habits. Free to explore, fumble and fail. 

Vast terrain to be traversed, mapped, perhaps claimed. Once again. 

Feel humbled standing there, fumbling with the camera in the dark, as if I don't know shit, and yet, happy-dancing with gleeful discovery when the unexpected emerge, the thing I couldn't have planned. 

I'm eying new light. In the dark.