Coaching & Project Consulting

With a diverse series of projects behind me within the fields of human, organizational, education and story, book and film development, I offer freelance and kickstart consulting, feedback and ongoing support on select projects. I bring to the equation both the nuts and bolts of project execution and the intimate experience with all stages of the creative process.  

I am a visionary idea machine and enjoy creative collaborations, deep-dives into the world of others, and cracking the code on stories, books, projects, life's edges. Whether we focus on a creative project, starting a new business, pursuing a life dream or re-aligning you and your life expression, as you grow and expand and want new things, we work with the dialog between your interior and the exterior landscape, your desires, ideas as well as honing your intuition and self-authority.

I support you in developing trust in your inner voice, personal leadership and the ability to navigate the creative unknown with gusto and curiosity. In my experience, there's an inherent 'intelligence' in your life, process and the material you are trying to give shape - it's about unearthing this in an organic way. 

Think of me as the perfect stranger, a catalyst able to cast new light onto your situation, help you untangle and unlock what's no longer working, discover what's emerging and identify authentic steps for the overall thriving of yourself and your project.

Here are some of my concrete experiences: 

As the founder and manager of own media production company and later photography business and book publisher, I wear many hats and can see any situation through different lens views. I’m used to developing concepts and pitch, fundraise and market them to clients, affiliates and audiences. Great work and customer care aside, the ability to meet expectations and maintain dynamic and personal relationships with others across fields, genres and networks is the foundation for my reputation and success. 

My international background has brought me into contact with a variety of experiences, professional contexts and sub cultures all of which I draw upon in my work and projects today. I like to learn, have a knack for holding the bigger vision, create ad hoc teams of required talent and expertise, and communicate and converse with diverse people and professionals.

Project Examples:

An intense deep-dive into the inner and outer workings of Secret Hotel, a stage art, performance and residency company in Denmark. I was hired as hands-on consultant to strengthen personal leadership, organizational structures, future strategies and coordinate a variety of tasks, projects and fundraising activities. 

Produced and published the book, Embody: Intimate Photographic Encounters with Women. I conceptualized, wrote, curated photos, and did the mock-up layout of the book. I've produced and directed a mini-doc about the project, made a website, and have gotten features published in various online magazines about the project. While agents and publishers have showed interest for my project, I ended up doing it myself. I hired a team of designers and a producer in Denmark to oversee final design and printing of the book, and am personally in charge of the book launch campaign in both Denmark and USA. 

Wrote, published and launched the book, Seeing Red, including planning speaking tour, creating a video trailer, making a website, etc. 

Branded and founded Lolo's Boudoir, a photo studio in San Francisco, and within a few years made it the top studio for female photography, attracting attention from media and magazines and became preferred photographer to local celebrities. I wore all hats, was the lead photographer. Overtime, I brought the business to Europe and was featured in the press, invited to speak and present and so forth. 

For ideagarden I produced short documentaries and mixed-media installations. Clients included UNICEF, The Natural Step, California Conservation Core, B52, etc. I also developed TV and Video proposals with Kathy Eldon, World Space and the Nobel Peace Laureates Foundation.

I planned and lead a month-long pilgrimage to the sacred Mt. Kailas in Tibet for 15 people from around the world.

For CARE Nepal I was responsible for the development of the organizations evaluation system and creating participatory methods to strengthen community organizations. I devised the Spider Model, wrote a manual, trained the trainers and today it’s used across CARE Int'l.

For the Kaospilot University I was hired as Team Manager og Coach at the school's outpost in San Francisco for two semesters. I was responsible for program development and daily management, local networks and collaborations, and coaching students one-on-one to further their projects.

I assisted the launch Uffe Elbæk’s book, Kaospilot A-Z in Danish press and media.

I was hired to research and determine the best Asian outpost location for the Kaospilot University n terms of creative, entrepreneurial and social opportunities. Vietnam was the choice.

I received a Masters (Cand. Scient. Adm.) in politics, organization and change from Aalborg University. My studies were founded in project leadership and process. 

Furthermore, I have created an online selv development program, facilitated workshops and given talks. I've trained in coaching, NLP, sacred circle leadership, transformational speaking, performance writing, digital storytelling, cross cultural communication, and more, and volunteered at various programs within the literary and arts scene. 

Some of what I can help you with:

  • Project and program development, research, ideation, strategy and implementation. 
  • Personal coaching and leadership support. 
  • Book / Film / Project proposals and treatments. 
  • Book publishing A - Z. 
  • Storytelling and content creation, written, visual and video. 
  • Developing, planning and facilitation of programs, workshops, events.
  • Cross-cultural communications and collaboration, team work, building alliances, networking.
  • Brand, social media, PR and outreach strategies. 
  • Finger on pulse: cultural trends, societal change and sacred activism. 
  • Your personal leadership: voice, values, integrity, body-mind-spirit alignment. 

Get in touch with your project and needs, and let's see what we can do.