Embody by Lone Morch



So this happened...

Bashy Quraishy invited me to his Bashy’s Corner TV show in Copenhagen.

In just 30 minutes we touched upon the main threads of my life as global citizen, life in Nepal and the US, various professional and creative endeavors and the challenges of coming back to my Danish roots.

If I could add a few words, I would end the talk with these words:

We always have a choice to build walls or tear them down. 💚

Here are the broadcast timings of on Kanal Hovedstanden. It is on Channel 96 on your TV.

• 03.sep. 2019 kl.14.00-14.30
• 06.sep. 2019 kl.11.30-12.00
• 09.sep.2019 kl.15.00-15.30
• 12.sep. 2019 kl.14.30-15.00
• 18.sep. 2019 kl.21.30-22.00

You can also watch it here on the internet: (on youtube soon, I hope!)


Open Letter To Lone Morch:

Open Letter To Lone Morch:

“Together, in page after page of seamlessly interwoven layouts, Embody’s words and images transcend gender, transcend the taboo of nudity, even transcend the staid, predictable format of the coffee table book – it transcends all things that divide and separate us and lay bare the naked truth of the things that do tie and bind us all together.”

Silence, Sensation And the Body

Silence, Sensation And the Body

#BookNotes: Embody has taken flight, I’m eating ice cream and swimming in the harbor in Copenhagen, while digesting the experience and some of the responses it has elicited from my book tour in USA and Denmark.

Book helps women reclaim their sexuality

Book helps women reclaim their sexuality

“I hope with this book, people can sigh and say, ‘I can make peace with myself. I can be all these things and nothing excludes the other. I’m not a static, one-dimensional being,’” she says.