A Visuel Rite of Passage

Photo Adventures That Transforms, Liberates And Inspires... 

Fine Art photography for women, couples, families as well as portraits and visual branding for professionals. My sessions are tailored to your needs, dreams and personality. My approach is intuitive, explorative and playful. Seeing to me is feeling and in my hands, the camera becomes a catalyst for your authentic, liberated presence. Magic is involved. And spontaneity. And light. In short, we make art of and for you. 

A Photo Experience With Me, Includes:

Preparation: We talk, get to know each other, clarify your vision, explore style, story, core feelings, make mood board.

Planning:  We plan your photo adventure, including finding the best locations, timing, we may also discuss clothing, styling & props needed to make this your perfect experience. I hold your hand throughout. We photograph at your home, outside, rental locations or where ever we need to go to fulfill your fantasy. 

Session: We dive in together, play, create, experiment and discover your inner and outer beauty. No cookie-cutter. No rush. 

Follow Up: You receive your photos, you select your favorites, for album, for your walls. I offer my editing eye as you wish, and ensure your final prints are high quality, as lovely as you. 

You receive: the experience, a digital archive of all files, and a select number of edited digital files, prints for album or art prints for the wall, as per your desire and choice. Choose digital or film. Full fee on booking. 

Let's chat. Let's make your dream come true. 

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Popular Experiences

Unveil & Express Your Sensual Self

Tap into your imagination and rekindle your sensual, creative wisdom and power – it's a delicious place to live and express from. I have helped thousand women get there. Whether to celebrate or heal yourself, we unfold your feminine self and capture your body, being and beauty in artistic light. We draw on your inspirations, dreams, symbols, archetypes, themes, female passages and more. Metamorphosis is inevitable. Additional coaching available as you need. Also, visit Lolo's Boudoir for the full feminine experience and read women's stories in Lolo's Diary


Bellies and babies - a new family is born 

With Pregnancy a new phase of life, as you know it, begins. A mother and a family has to be born. Life is seen through a new light, and everything will be redefined, rebuilt and reflected upon. Let's create a vision for this new journey and story, lets create a visual testament to this fleeting, life changing moment in your lives. Before and after sessions available. 

Romantisk Time-Out For Lovers

Rekindle your connection and express the intimacy, romance and love between you in portrait series. We make art of your unique relationship dynamic and play with roles, stereotypes and die-hard dramas. Fun. Liberating. Not your usual couples photos. 


NEW Vision, NEW Identity, NEW YOU

Step into visibility. 

You are a visionary professional – artist, author, coach, shaman, dancer, creative entrepreneur, thought leader or CEO – in need of a visual identity and roadmap for your business, project and life ahead. I help you create the vision so that you can step into and embody it.  You'll have enough photos for website, social media and professional portraits.


Some of the amazing people I have the honors to photograph include Robin Williams(actor), Susan Schneider (artist), Mort Sahl (comedian), Mike and Britt Dirnt (Greenday),  Shana Morrison (musician), Austin Willacy (musician),  Suzanna Smith(musician), Noe Venerable (musician), Kelly Tunstall (artist), Erin Byrne (author), Christi Phillips (author) and hundreds, if not thousands of courageous, beautiful women. 

Ready for your Photo Adventure? We start with an informal discovery chat.